Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Biggest Book in the Library?

The Austin Public Library has a wonderful collection of oversized books - books that are over 31 cm. in length, and which are full of photographs and art reproductions. I was browsing the recent oversized books on the 1st floor of the Faulk Library, when I picked up Ralph Lauren, which weighs in at a whopping 14.5 pounds. The book has its own heavy cardboard case which should help to preserve it. Mr. Lauren is celebrating his 40-years and growing designing career in this coffee-table tome. The photographs – there are over 700 – are grand and elegant. The text, written by Mr. Lauren, is minimal, but it does chronicle his rise from the baseball diamond in his immigrant Bronx neighborhood to the Manhattan headquarters of a multibillion-dollar clothing franchise.

A quotation from the book helps to explain his fashion style: "I've always loved the girl in the convertible with her hair blowing in the wind. When I started to design clothes for women they were for that natural girl. I liked the girl in jeans and while shirt with rolled-up sleeves, wearing her boyfriend’s jacket". In fact, when he first met his wife (who looks like a Ralph Lauren model), he took her to a men's clothing store and bought her a tweed jacket.

The book is expensive - $135.00. This is where your Library comes in. You, and many others, may check the book out without spending a penny. If you are truly a Ralph Lauren fan, you can then decide to buy it or not.

Other oversized books on the recent shelf today:

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