Monday, June 02, 2008

Are You a Native?

On this day in 1924 the United States Congress passed a law granting citizenship to all American Indians. The irony is overwhelming. The Austin Public Library has a generous collection of items devoted to the most authentic of Americans. Below is a sampling of titles to pique your interest.


Making the white man's Indian : native Americans and Hollywood movies

Standing Bear is a person : the true story of a Native American's quest for justice

Losing a lost tribe : Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church

100 Native Americans who shaped American history

The Native Americans of the Texas Edwards Plateau, 1582-1799

Foreigners in their native land : historical roots of the Mexican Americans

Indians of the Southwest : traditions, history, legends, and life

Great speeches by Native Americans

Exterminate them : written accounts of the murder, rape, and slavery of Native Americans during the California gold rush, 1848-1868

Native Americans : an encyclopedia of history, culture, and peoples

Killing the white man's Indian : reinventing Native Americans at the end of the twentieth century

Red earth, white lies : Native Americans and the myth of scientific fact

If you poison us : uranium and Native Americans

The dancing healers : a doctor's journey of healing with native Americans

The Native Americans : ethnology and backgrounds of the North American Indians

In the hands of the Great Spirit : the 20,000-year history of American Indians

American Indians in World War I : at home and at war

Between two fires : American Indians in the Civil War

Video Recordings:

Native Americans [videorecording]

A History of Native Americans [videorecording]

The Native Americans [videorecording]

Black Indians [videorecording] : an American story

Indians of the Southwest [videorecording] : the legacy of the American Indians

Sound Recordings:

Sacred spirit II [sound recording] : more chants and dances of the native Americans

Music for the Native Americans [sound recording]

Music of the Native American Indians [sound recording] : Navajo, Cherokee--

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