Sunday, December 10, 2006

Post It!

Do you want to advertise a non-profit event on the Faulk Central Library bulletin boards? Submit a poster or a flyer to the second-floor reference desk, and we’ll post it for you. It’ll stay up three weeks or until your event is over, whichever comes first. Here are some hints for getting your poster noticed:
  • Make it colorful. Stop people in their tracks.
  • Figure out a way people can take your info with them without having to get out a pen and paper; for example:
    -Make tear-off tabs at the bottom of the poster with a date or a phone number or a web page. Cut them so they come off easily. Those tabs disappear fast.
    -Fold up the bottom of the poster, staple the edges to make a pocket, and insert small, easy-to-grab handouts.
  • Bigger is better, but not too big, please. Only one copy of a flyer will be accepted for posting.

We don’t post religious, personal, commercial, or political notices; the boards are just for tax-supported or non-profit educational, cultural, and government activities and events. For more information about posting, read our policy online.


legadillo said...

What a photo! Who's the artist who took that picture?

Aleph said...

It's great! Isn't it!

The person who took that photo works here at the library and she takes greats photos all the time!