Monday, December 18, 2006

Party Conversation

After leaving a party, if you worry that conversation with friends and family has not touched on any serious or deep subject, keep in mind what Marcel Proust wrote in a letter shortly before he died. He penned, "Cher ami, We talk too much about serious things. Serious conversation is intended for people who have no intellectual life. People like the three of us, on the contrary, who have an intellectual life need frivolity when they escape from themselves and from hard inner labor. We should, as you say, talk about all the little things and leave philosophy to solitidue". This excerpt is from a new book available at Austin Public Library titled, The Letters of Marcel Proust, 2006.


Judy Yarborough said...

and that is also the reason to see movies and read books for pleasure and entertainment value, rather than always for learning or serious study.

Life is serious enough without all media exposure being intense and intellectual.

Judy Yarborough said...
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