Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Library Lingo: Volume 4

The last installment of the the Library Lingo glossary!

Pharos – an automated, self-service computer reservation and printing system, which ensures fair access to all users.

PIN - password consisting of a 4-10 digit number created by users allowing access to library account information such as books checked out, fines, and due dates, and the ability to renew or hold an item.

Reference book – book designed to be consulted for specific information rather than to be read completely. Reference books usually cannot be checked out (circulated). You can tell a reference book by its call number, which will start with "R".

Reference desk - service area or information desk in the library where customers can get help from library staff in using the library, locating library materials, searching library databases and answering general questions.

Reference librarian - specialist in the field of information retrieval, and often in other subject areas as well. Reference librarians have a Master's degree in Library Science or Information Studies, and help users find materials needed for research, show them how to use and evaluate various resources, and teach workshops and classes about the research process.

Stacks – area of the library where most of the books are shelved. Materials are arranged by call numbers.

Subject heading - term or phrase which describes the subject content of a work. Searching by a subject heading is more precise than a keyword search.

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