Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Library Lingo: Volume 3

The third volume of the library glossary...

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) - service which allows patrons to request books and articles from other libraries outside the Austin Public Library system if the material is not available at their home Library. More information can be read here.

Keyword – word that best describes what you’re searching for. For example, “poodle” could be a keyword; however, the word “dog” will give you a wider search result. A keyword search will retrieve items or articles that have the keyword in the title, subject, author, or content notes.

Microform - printed material that has been photographed and reduced to a film format to help preserve the material and decrease the space needed for storage. Special equipment is needed to read stored information. Typical formats include microfilm and microfiche.

Non-circulating - any library material that cannot be checked out. Such materials are often labeled "Library Use Only.” Reference books are non-circulating.

Online catalog - searchable, computerized database of materials owned by a library and displaying the call number and location of the material.

Oversize books – books too large to fit on regular shelving. Most Library locations shelve the OS books separately. The “OS” is part of the call number.

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