Wednesday, July 06, 2011

July 6th, 1946: an odd trinity

July 6th, 1946 saw the birth of a disparate trinity: George W. Bush, Peter Singer, and Sylvester Stallone. I cannot think of an odder group of men. Imagine that dinner table: an American president, an ethics philosopher noted for his advocacy of animal liberation, and Rocky. Opposites sometimes do attract, so perhaps that dinner would be a rollicking good time. My money is on an awkward meal followed quickly by departures.

Below are books and DVDs starring our dinner quests.

George W. Bush
Decision Points

Peter Singer
The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty
The President of Good & Evil: the Ethics of George W. Bush
Animal Liberation

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky II
First Blood

Until today I did not know that Peter Singer wrote a book about George W. Bush. Maybe a more lively dinner party than I expected.

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