Monday, January 03, 2011

Keep Austin Reading

We've just hung a spectacular new painting at the downtown library. It's called Keep Austin Reading (that's it above). Be sure to come see it in person, this blogger copy doesn't do it justice.

If you'd like to read what the woman in the beautiful gown is reading, Catch-22 is available, and if you identify more closely with the well-dressed man, here's Life of Pi. If the painting puzzles you; if you wonder whether the couple has just come home from a formal event or if they couldn't tear themselves away from their books to go--or maybe they just like to dress up to read?--then some art-appreciation instruction might be in order (if you find out why they have no heads, let us know):

Understanding Art Objects
Learning to Look at Paintings

And speaking of puzzles, here's another one. It's the title of a book. As always, click the photo to enlarge:


Bubba said...

Tender is the Night

tim snead said...

Bubba, you're too good. Ok... I'll stump you in two weeks, maybe sooner--watch this space.

Anonymous said...

They have no heads so that the viewers can project themselves into the painting. It's about what they are doing, not what they look like.


tim snead said...

Well now how can they be doing any reading without heads? Hmm? (I'm reading a book called Taking Art Literally) :)