Monday, July 12, 2010

Jovita Gonzalez

A very large part of what makes Texas interesting to me is its proximity to Mexico. Even in the state's capital, it is very easy to see, touch, and taste the influence of Mexican culture. I walk around town with a feeling that this isn't quite the U.S. and it isn't quite Mexico. This sentiment is exponentially magnified the closer one gets to the border. So much so, that many of the border towns, albeit divided geographically, exist as one culturally, economically, and metaphysically. Almost 80 years ago, Jovita Gonzalez chronicled this interconnectedness in her master's thesis, Life Along the Border: A Landmark Tejana Thesis. Read it, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for what makes this part of Texas distinctive and special.

Fiction written by Jovita Gonzalez:
Caballero: A Historical Novel
Dew on the Thorn
The Woman Who Lost Her Soul

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