Monday, April 05, 2010

Bomba Estereo

I've been listening to a group from Colombia lately that is full of all the energy, fervor, passion, and promise of youth. Their name is Bomba Estereo (watch the live video performance of their song, Feelin'). They were recently in town as part of the SXSW music festival. Sadly, I discovered them after the fact but I imagine the show was a lively and festive dance party as their music implies. Another recent attendee was Chocquibtown. They are another group from Colombia garnering critical praise and are equally as vibrant as their compatriots. Yet another more established sublime Colombian group that has visited Austin in the past is Sidestepper. Look for acquisitions from all three bands to appear in our collection for checkout very shortly. Until then, I've listed another group from Colombia that I count as one of my favorite latin pop artists to tide you over.

La Pipa de la Paz
El Dorado

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