Friday, May 09, 2008

Digital photo tools

Digital cameras provide ease of use and no possibility of wasted film, which allows users to click away without regard to cost. Once the camera's memory is full, it's a snap to transfer photos to a computer or delete unwanted photos. If you have boxes of old photos lying around, you can scan those into digital images too! Less than perfect photos can be easily fixed at home. Once you're happy with your pictures, you can share them online or purchase prints, photo books, or a wide variety of items incorporating your images.

Our new Digital Photo Guide provides lists of software and online services (many of them free) that will help you organize, store, share, edit, and enhance your digital photos. The library also has plenty of books on the subject available for checkout:

Mastering Digital SLR Photography by David D. Busch

Hands-On Digital Photography: A Step-By-Step Course in Camera Controls, Software Techniques, and Successful Imaging by George Schaub

Introduction to Digital Photography by Joseph Ciaglia

Kodak Digital Photoguide by Michael A. Guncheon

Digital Photographer's Handbook by Tom Ang

Shooting Digital: Pro Tips for Taking Great Pictures with Your Digital Camera by Mikkel Aaland

Kodak, the Art of Digital Photography. Digital Photo Design: How to Compose Winning Pictures by Paul Comon

Complete Guide to Ultimate Digital Photo Quality: Optimize Your Photos at Every Step by Derek Doeffinger

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