Friday, January 04, 2008

Online classes

With the holidays over and the writer’s strike continuing you just might find yourself with some available time. Use it wisely and take a free online class. Many universities are now offering public access to some of their courses including videos of lectures, class handouts, and reading lists. All this without the pressure of grades or attendance policies! Of course, the library has plenty of supplemental reading in case you are craving more on a particular subject!

MIT OpenCourseWare: choose from 1800 courses in all subject areas

OpenUW Free Courses (University of Washington): 11 online courses including The American Civil War, History of Jazz: New Orleans, and HTML Basics

Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative: study Engineering Statistics, Statistics, Causal Reasoning, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, French, Logic & Proofs, Physics, and Empirical Research Methods

World Lecture Hall (University of Texas at Austin): publishes links to pages created by faculty worldwide

webcast.berkeley: podcasts and webcasts of UC Berkeley courses

Tufts OpenCourseWare: choose from courses in medicine, nutrition, and arts and sciences

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