Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Welcome to the Austin Public Library Blog

We're excited to debut our new blog. You'll find everything ranging from things we're reading, watching and listening to; topics related to today's events and news; field trips to other libraries; Texas authors and artists; to library tips, curiosities and controversies. We'll post library related links and promote the Austin Public Library as well.

Feel free to comment on a post, ask a quick question or tell us your library ideas! We look forward to blogging with you!

1 comment:

legadillo said...

This is AWEsome! Really great idea! Whoever thought of it should get an award! And it's so easy to find! And you can SEARCH it! And no advertising, that's the really good part; not like that Stateman library blog that is buried way down the list there--who even knows where that is? This should have a link on the library's front page.

You guys ROCK!